Hidden details discovered in DaVinci piece

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Hidden details discovered in DaVinci piece

Restoration reveals that Da Vinci’s assistants didn’t help paint “Virgin of the Rocks.”

A project to restore Leonardo da Vinci Virgin of the Rocks’ has revealed new details and to propose the Renaissance artist could have painted the pictures of himself instead of his assistants as previously thought, a gallery of Colombia said on Wednesday.

The conservation project was 18 months to remove a large part of some highly degraded varnish that was applied to painting in the 1940s, allowing experts to look more closely brushstrokes of the image and style The National Gallery said.

The cleaning has revealed the full range of paint colors, especially in darker areas, and led to a clearer vision of how the artist intended for space to withdraw across the rocky landscape The gallery said.

He also said that Leonardo probably painted the picture itself and everything it meant to be unfinished.

The restored painting was shown a completion of the hand barely touched the angel’s head fully realized the main figures – compatible with numerous works of Leonardo da Vinci. The Italian artist, considered the perfectionist “eternal”, is believed to have left his unfinished paintings because he wanted to come back later, the gallery spokesman Thomas Almeroth-Williams.

In the past, researchers thought the different levels of finish “Madonna of the Rocks” has shown that Leonardo was assisted by assistants.

The painting dates from about 1491 to 1508 and is a newer version of a presentation at the Louvre in Paris.

The last cleanup project after years of control of the masterpiece.

In 2005, experts using infrared technology found two drawings hidden beneath the surface of the image – a design has never been painted, and the second revealed Leonardo changed his mind on the subject several times .

The painting goes on display at the National Gallery on Wednesday.

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