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Home Garden Decor TipsWhen you are planning a front garden decor scheme, it pays to get an outside view or perspective. Walk up and down your street a few times, and check out how the space looks from each and every angle. Viewing your space how others see it from the street will help you in your efforts to achieve a balanced design that completes the look of your home and also compliments the surrounding neighbourhood.In enhancing the street appeal of your home, you are creating a beautiful setting for you and your neighbours to enjoy — but you’ll also be adding value to your property and theirs. A front garden makeover is essential for that all important first impression and helps to achieve the optimal asking price.

Below are some tips to help you enhance the design of your front garden space

1. The design of a front yard should be in harmony with the design and style of your home. This can be achieved in many ways, from co-ordinating colours and textures from the front façade to using plants and decorative features that compliment the architecture and period of your home.

2. You are going to want and need garden paths that give you functionality and easy passage which means no overgrowing or overhanging foliage, sharp turns or difficult steps. You need paths that are well illuminated and wide enough to negotiate comfortably, for the safety of your family and your visitors.This will i turn add to the aesthetic of your space.

3. Your front door is the main entry access for visitors, so it needs to be well illuminated and welcoming with an inviting ambience . By using features such as matching pairs of potted topiaries or a little entry bridge over a koi filled pond you can come up with your own feature that gives your entry a unique charm.

4. Practical matters also need to be considered. Since most front gardens in view at all times, easy maintenance should be a part of your initial plan. Consider evergreen trees instead of deciduous, and also minimise the amount of lawn. An untidy, overgrown front garden will soon become a visual detraction for your home and neighbourhood.

5. Privacy is another important consideration and can be achieved in a range of ways, from tall hedges to high walls of rendered and painted brick or other materials. Walls are a popular choice in built-up urban areas because they give security and also can add an added private space for outdoor entertaining.

6. To simply define your perimeter, you can choose a simple garden bed or mini-hedge. There are many fencing solutions available commercially that will delineate your property boundaries, without closing you in. Decorative wrought-iron and picket fencing are just two examples.

7. You can create focal points or areas of extra interest, drawing the eye into your feature area (or in some cases one may wish to take attention away from a more unattractive area). Keep clutter to an absolute minimum. A water feature or a pair of matching sculptures or a pairs of pots are a few suggestions as a feature.

8. Choose pavers or paving textures that complement the exterior design or style of your house (and match any garden paths you have or are planning). Consider getting professional advice when choosing pavers or other surfaces as individual landscape conditions can influence the mid to long term result.

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