Hindenburg Explosion Poster

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<Hindenburg> Explosion Posters
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Hindenburg Explosion

The Hindenburg was the beginning and the end of the transatlantic airships. This 804-foot airship filled with more than 7 million cubic feet of hydrogen is a culmination of his age. Never before or since has a larger aircraft flight taken. However, the explosion of the Hindenburg changed the landscape of lighter-than air craft forever.

May 6, 1937, the Hindenburg carrying 61 crew members and 36 passengers arrived hours late at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey. Bad weather forced the delay. Shaken by the wind and rain, the craft hovered in the region by most accounts for about one hour. The presence of storms were recorded. The landing of the Hindenburg with these types of conditions contrary to the regulations.

However, when the Hindenburg began its landing, the weather was clear. The Hindenburg seems to have been moving at a speed fast enough for landing and for any reason, the captain attempted a high landing, being winched to the ground from a height of about 200 feet. Shortly after the ropes have been fixed, some witnesses reported a blue glow over the Hindenburg followed by a flame toward the rear of the machine.

The flame was almost simultaneously replaced by an explosion that quickly engulfed the craft causing it to crash into the ground killing 36 people. Spectators watched in horror as the crew and passengers were burned alive or jumped to his death. As Herb Morrison announced on the radio: “It’s on fire…. Get out of the way, please, oh, it’s terrible… Oh, the humanity and all the passengers.”

The day after this horrible tragedy occurred, the newspapers began to speculate on the cause of the disaster. Until this incident, German zeppelins were safe and very successful. Many theories have been discussed and studied: sabotage, mechanical breakdown, hydrogen explosions, lightning, or even the possibility that he was shot in the sky.

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