Central Park in Autumn, New York City Poster

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Central Park in Autumn, New York City - poster
Central Park in Autumn, New York City – poster by DestinationNYC
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Central Park in New York

Central Park in New York is home to a wide array of attractions spread out on more than eight hundred acres of land. There are sprawling spring waters and green meadows, in addition to educational facilities, stunning bridges, amazing performance centres and beautiful architecture. There are numerous iconic figures of Balto, Alice and Wonderland, and also of William Shakespeare.

The oldest public monument the Obelisk is also in Central Park. The Belvedere Castle is a weather station which is also installed in the Central Park. In addition there is the Great Lawn located in the north of the Central Park is well known for hosting the Papal Mass in the late nineties. The Blockhouse which is an old fort from the war in the early nineteenth century in also situated in the Central Park. The Mc Gown’s Pass which is also is central Park is linked to the American Revolution when the Continental Army walked pass through it.

The park is just about historical monuments and landmark situations located in the Central Park. There is certainly much more to the mighty Central Park. The world famous Central Park Zoo and Wildlife Centre and also the Children’s Zoo is also very much in Central Park. The animal lovers will be excited to see more that fourteen hundred animals in the zoo with over one hundred and thirty species of animals. These varied types of animals are kept in three different temperate zones where they actually belong to, that are tropic, garden and polar.

The purpose of a park is incomplete without ground for physical sports and other activities. The great Central Park can not go without these inevitable and hence there are skating rinks, carousels, public swimming pool, baseball field, tennis courts and other attractions spread throughout the park to provide the visitors with the best fun time activities.

Amid the busy frantic world of the New York City, Central Park provides a safe haven to the tourist to bask in the glory of nature. The picturesque beauty of the Central Park is much more than the other miscellaneous attractions in there.

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