Jennifer Goldberger’s Art: Beer and Scotch Indulgences

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Jennifer’s Beer Indulgences 1 by Jennifer Goldberger

Jennifer Goldberger has been painting in oils since she was a child. Her love for the process lead her to the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s painting department and then to achieve a Bachelors of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.She has won several awards including a scholarship from the graduate department at Pratt University.

“I am both a representative and a cynic of thetumultuous culture that surrounds my generation.As a realistic-figurative artist I integrate these roles into my paintings by introducing a modern satirical dialogue, with art-historical references. Although I have always found expression through the figure to be a uniquely literal experience, the human form has also presented me a great challenge. I must attempt to use the oldest and most potentially hackneyed image of artistic expression and make it new and personal – reinvent the reinvented. My paintings are psychological, sensuous, self aware, and insecure. They are the documentation of my growth as a technical artisan as well as a student and self-conscious human being”.

Jennifer’s Beer Indulgences 2  by Jennifer Goldberger

Jennifer’s Beer Indulgences 3 by Jennifer Goldberger

Jennifer’s Beer Indulgences 4 by Jennifer Goldberger

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