Smoking Room: Gitanes Swiss Cigarette

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Smoking Room: Gitanes Swiss Cigarette

Gitanes (Gypsy women “) is a French cigarette brand, sold in many varieties of strengths and packages. It is currently owned by Imperial Tobacco following its acquisition of Altadis in January 2008 after being owned by SEITA before. Originally rolled with darker or brown (brown) tobacco, in contravention of “blondes”. In honor of the name, the cover sports a silhouette of a Spanish gypsy woman playing the tambourine. The cans have always been the black, blue and white.

There is a distinction between “fair” style power Gitanes, and the classic style of Gitanes Brunes, both of which are sold in Europe. The classic Gitanes Brunes tobacco reached its features and distinctive “bite” by using a flued fire method of curing tobacco, rice and a “type of rolling paper which differs from most cigarettes. The result was a cigarette who was both strong flavor and a distinctive aroma.

Gitanes Blondes are available, filtered, light and regular. Gitanes Brunes are available in 70mm, filtered and unfiltered.

Production in France recently arrested with a plant remains operational in the Netherlands. This is mainly due to higher levies on tobacco imposed by the French government following the advice of health, which forced the price of French cigarettes levels to those of the United States, with brands more aggressively promoted such as Marlboro now taking the majority market share.

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