Alfred Gockel: Master of the Action Painting

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Hot and Sassy II by Alfred Gockel

Alfred Alexander Gockel was born in the North Rhine city of Ludinhausen, Germany in 1952. From his earliest days, he was fascinated by the magic of colors on paper. This talent and enthusiasm resulted in the release of his first work of art by a German publisher at the age of 8.

In 1973 he began his studies in the field of design, with an emphasis on typography, graphic design and advertising. After graduating with honors at the Polytechnic Institute in Munster, Germany in 1977, Alex Gockel went on to lecture at the Institute about typography and graphic design.

After making a firm decision in 1980 to dedicate all of his time to painting, Gockel honed in on his skills and developed his identifiable, signature style known today. His work ranges from unique types of etching to serigraphy. In 1983 he established the art publishing firm of Avant Art, and since that time has taken part in important international art exhibitions.

Alfred Gockel: Master of the action painting

Since 1987 the porcelain, carpet and sportswear industries have made use of his design work. The conversion of a mill purchased in 1988 and used as a centre of graphic printing (screen print etching) has expanded his artistic scope. As a result of international recognition, distribution points and studios were established in London and Connecticut in 1990.

With expressive use of rich, primary colors, Gockel has created and exceptional style that is undeniably unique. His fluid strokes on large white canvas backgrounds, done in the manner of “action painting” have a tremendous universal appeal. It is no wonder that over the last decade, well over 2 million examples of his imagery in various media have been sold in the U.S. art market alone. This incredible exposure has created a demand for this artist’s original works, spawning high profile collectors such as Michael Jordon, who now owns several Gockel paintings.

He currently resides in his native Germany, and in his spare time enjoys playing tennis, and riding his Harley-Davidson through the German countryside.

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