Renaissance Painters: Raphael (1483-1520)

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La Belle Jardiniere by Raphael

• Trained in Umbria, but studied in Florence (where he picked up his draftsmanship and compositional skills by studying Leonardo and Michelangelo’s works).

• Is best known as a painter, but worked in architecture as well.

• Studied human anatomy only to the extent that his figures were proportionately correct.

• Believed in God, but didn’t alienate the Humanists or Neo-Platonists.

• Had, as his first patrons, those who actually wanted either Leonardo or Michelangelo (whose time, respectively, was being monopolized by their patrons), but settled for Raphael.

• Painted beautiful, gentle, calm women in a courteous manner.

• Idolized Leonardo and managed to get along with Michelangelo (no mean feat, that).

• Worked in Rome from 1508 until his death in 1520.

• Was commissioned by Popes Julius II and Leo X.

• As a dinner guest, would bring a hostess gift, engage everyone at the table in delightful conversation, praise the soup, stay exactly the perfect amount of time and send flowers the next day.

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