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Decoration Tips for Your Cafe

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Tenderness by Renate Holzner

How to decorate with a coffee house cafe theme in your kitchen is easy to learn and implement. If you love all the different types of coffees, or just simply love the feel of your favorite morning stop, you can have a room that is inspired from your passion.

Choosing the colors when you want to know how to decorate with a coffee house cafe theme in your kitchen can be based on what you already have. When decorating with this style, and if you can completely remodel your kitchen, you can choose your favorite. But if you are stuck with what you have, almost any color can be made to fit. The trick is in the accessories and the finishing touches.

The first step, if you are able to, is to get a small table and chair set that sits one to four people. A wrought iron one, with a glass top, that is usually used outside fits well in this style. Throw a couple of comfortable seat cushions on the chairs to make it practical. The only centerpiece that you need is a sugar and creamer tray set in the center. If you want an extra touch of elegance, place a single flower in a bud vase to complete the look.

Next, have a small shelf within easy reach of the sitting area. Place a few favorite poetry books or novels there for morning enjoyment. Don’t forget a place to set your favorite newspaper on.

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How to Decorate a Home Bar

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Bar Scene by Madjid-Rhanavardkar

Having a home bar can be fun. It is a wonderful place to spend time with your family or having friends over to relax and enjoy a few cocktails. To make the most of your home bar, you should take the time to decorate it in a way that truly reflects your personality while at the same time creating a fun and relaxing. Check out these decorating ideas bar to get some ideas on how to decorate your bar.

Before you even think to start decorating, you should take a moment to consider how you plan to use space and what your personal style is. Looking for a feeling sports bar? Or maybe you are more Class A, feeling more upscale. Think bars, restaurants and clubs you’ve visited and see which ones stand out in your mind. Once you understand the style you like to decorate your bar will become much easier.

One of the most important parts of a bar of the house is the living room. You want everyone to be comfortable and relaxed. Bar stool at the bar are great, but you should also consider adding some additional seats near the bar if space permits. Lounge chairs covered in zebra print pleasure or brightly colored fabric can provide an eclectic feeling in your room.

How to Decorate a Home Bar

For a sports bar, a large comfortable sofa with lots of space is an interesting option to give a few extra seats. When you choose your seats for your bar trying to find parts that are relatively easy to get up. There’s nothing worse than drinking a glass or two and find that you have sunk down into a sofa upholstered as it is difficult to escape!

The artwork that you chose for the walls will also depend heavily on the atmosphere you are trying to create. Vintage posters or framed prints framed in Nice can be a class, so timeless to decorate the walls. If space is on the small side consider hanging around some mirrors visually expand the size of the space. Always try to hang pictures or mirrors approximately at eye level for the average person to avoid having it look like it is too high or too low.

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Decorating Ideas: Movie Posters for Home Decoration

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Decorating Ideas: Movie Posters for Home Decoration

Home decor gets a dash of drama with movie posters. The trick is in picking the right one for the right space and customizing it for the interiors.

The fancy for movie posters as a statement of style in home decor is a relatively recent trend. In the home interiors segment, in which art continues to top customer wish-lists, movie posters are still considered niche territory. But there’s probably nothing more gratifying for the incorrigible movie fan — there’s a bit of him in all of us, anyway — than having the walls around mounted with posters of favourite films.

Wall Decoration and Movie Themes

Arriving at a theme for the rooms — from romance, mystery and such — can be a start to wall decoration. Posters of films that coincide with real-life phases can add that personal bit to the decor. You can also mix the movie posters up as a sequence — James Bond from different ages, for instance — or fix them together in a collage. All, needless to say, in tune with the basics of wall decoration and colour schemes of the room.

Decorating Ideas: Movie Posters for Home Decoration

Classic Movie Posters

Posters of classic movies are eternal favourites, a testimony reflected in the rise in the number of online groups selling them. Casablanca, Gone With The Wind and Alfred Hitchcock thrillers continue to be good draws in the classic movie posters segment but you are doing up your place and it’s your pick that counts.

So the gangster genre fan in you can go for the classic split-on Scarface poster and the rom-com lovers have the now-legendary Pretty Woman poster. Again, the range is all out there and it’s for you to make the choice. Though the idea works on personalization, classic movie posters look better in the living room and it helps to innovate while picking and arranging the line-up of posters.

Presenting Movie Posters For Interiors

Vintage posters come with the advantage of never having to look “old” but it doesn’t work with all movie posters. That’s reason enough to focus more on ways to present them to accentuate the home’s interiors. The old, trusted wooden frames bring a certain elegance to the posters as you mount them on the walls. But it’s again important to customize; The Matrix wouldn’t look good in one, would it?

Wall decoration of the personal home theatre with movie posters can, in an understated way, enrich your movie-watching experience. The fancied back-lit poster box is still the best option in mounting movie posters, especially in home theatres. For the regular mounts, there are many available sizes — 24×36 and 20×20 among popular dimensions — to be picked according to the clarity of the image and the available wall space.

Identifying the right poster for the right space is critical. Quirks apart, it always makes sense to avoid The Fist Of Fury in the study and, the horror of horrors, Psycho in the bath.

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Sweet Fifties: Design for the Nuclear Family

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Sweet Fifties: Design for the Nuclear Family

The prime difficulty in most city planning until the 20th century was due to the fact that too few trained individuals had given specific thought to such problems as the regulation of traffic, control of the ingress of food stuffs, and the elimination of waste material. No one had considered the city as a greatly magnified human being which needed light, air, and exercise, as well as protection from the smoke and noise of the machine.

As cities simply grew, with the great concentration of population in the slums and with the advent of the skyscrapers, daily drawing their thousands of occupants from suburban areas, the problems of congestion and health control eventually forced the architects to think in terms of the efficiently planned metropolis. In the 20th century, a few enlightened industrialists also began to perceive that well-housed, healthy workers are a necessary part of the long-range planning for a stable industrial civilization.

In the America of the 1950s, it has been said, “each householder was able to have his own little Versailles along a cul-de-sac”. For the first time, many middle-class American families could afford to buy their own house, set in its own plot of land with an integrated garage.

The growth of suburban living brought with it a new lifestyle, in which leisure took on a new significance. A wide range of new domestic artefacts appeared as symboIs of this “affluent society”.

Desire for the new lifestyle goods was created and communicated by the mass media in magazine and television advertisements. As well as the readily available mass-produced additions to the household there was a growing tendency in interior decoration for householders to “do-it-yourself” to achieve a luxurious “modern” interior at a fraction of the price which it would cost to bring in an interior decorator.

The suburban “dream house” had its roots in Iate 19th-century America: Frank Lloyd Wright’s turn-of-the-century “Prairie” houses provided a model for later developers to emulate. By the early postwar years the “dream” had been made available to a new sector of the American populationý through improved methods of building cheap standardized, pre-fabricated houses and mortgage schemes provided for former members of the armed forces. A major justification for suburbia was the fact that it was safe for the children of the postwar baby boom. lncreased automobile ownership also helped to make suburban living a practical proposition.

The kitchen was the most important room in the suburban home of the 1950s as appliances began to take over from the automobile as the prime symbols of living in the modem age. The automatic washing-machine, the deep-freeze and the dishwasher were essentially products of the postwar era. They faciIitated living in the new settingý provided consumers with the latest technology in their own homes and filled the ever expanding space that constituted the kitchen area in the new suburban house.

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Decoration Ideas for Kitchen

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Decoration Ideas for Kitchen

Doing a total remodeling of your kitchen can be quite expensive. If have a limited budget, making just a few changes in your kitchen can make an amazing difference. Although the kitchen is primarily a working area little touches can make a big difference.

Here are a few low-budget decorating ideas that can make a positive change in your kitchen décor.

Wallpaper Ideas

New wallpaper can really change the look of a kitchen. There are many wallpaper choices of every kind on the market. Also with the self-adhesive wallpapers you can count on easy installation. Vinyl wallpaper is a material that is better suited for kitchen. It makes for an easy-cleaning, durable surface treatment for your walls. It comes in a vast array of colors and patterns and gives the effect of traditional wallpaper.

You should select your wallpaper first and then decide on the style of kitchen décor around the wallpaper you have selected. Keep in mind however, that wallpaper can be more expensive than paint, especially when replacing You might want to just put up wallpaper borders if you are satisfied with your existing wallpaper. Wallpaper borders are a great and inexpensive way to dress up your kitchen walls. Wallpaper borders can be put at the top of a wall where the wall meets the ceiling, on a back splash, or at mid height on the wall.

Painting Ideas

A good inexpensive kitchen wall decorating idea is faux painting. Faux painting techniques include: color washing, sponging, stippling, and ragging. Faux painting can add texture variation and a more interesting look to normally plain walls. Faux painting requires some skill but you can find books on how to do it, and you can usually get free lessons down at your local paint store. You might want to practice on large pieces of cardboard first before you attempt to paint the walls.

Tiles Using colorful tiles to create a backsplash in your kitchen is an easy way to add a new, professionally designed look to your kitchen decor. Tiles can help you to be more creative and experiment with different tones. This is an inexpensive and simple to be able to liven up the kitchen space. Tiles are available in many shapes and sizes.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing can be the most economical way to remodel your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing is the process of covering over existing kitchen cabinets with new wood veneer. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing allows you to breath new life into old, worn out looking cabinetry thereby turning the kitchen into a room that can add immense value to your home.

Updating your kitchen can be easy without all of the problems associated with a major remodeling job. In just a few days you can have a kitchen to be proud of.

Cabinet hardware and accessories are inexpensive. Providing a new set of cabinet handles and hinges can make your cabinets look new again. You could also remove solid cabinet doors and replace them with glass doors to help open up your kitchen.

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Tuscan Bouquet Art Print by Nicole Etienne

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Tuscan Bouquet Art Print by Nicole Etienne

tuscan bouquet art print, nicole etienne artworks, still life paintings, floral and botanical art prints, decorative art prints

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Stylised Art Nouveau Woman Triptych

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Stylised Art Nouveau Woman Triptych wrappedcanvas
Stylised Art Nouveau Woman Triptych by ArtformNouveau
Print onto canvas at zazzle

Stylised Art Nouveau Woman Triptych

This art nouveau wrapped canvas features two digital watercolour versions of a stylised female figure in the Glasgow style. The subject is based upon drawings for a mirror frame design by either Frances or Margaret MacDonald. In the right facing painting, the sun disc is shown in mottled purpless and mauves and the dress panel is pale green. On the left facing panel, the disc is in mottled pinks and yellows and the dress panel is pale blue. Whilst the original sketch is in the public domain, this piece is not a copy, it is an original work and is therefore subject to copyright.

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Jaguar – Black Panther Wrapped Canvas – 3 Canvases

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Jaguar - Black Panther Wrapped Canvas - 3 Canvases wrappedcanvas
Jaguar – Black Panther Wrapped Canvas – 3 Canvases by made_in_atlantis
Jaguar – Black Panther Wrapped Canvas – 3 Canvases

Wild Big Cats Images – Roaring Jaguar Artwork
Jaguar Roars Digital Art – Wildlife Computer Designs – Wild Animals Artworks – Fantasy Art – Jaguar – Black Panther Eyes – Jaguar – Black Panther Face Close-Up – Close-up Jaguar – Black Panther Head – – Portrait of Wild Jaguar – Black Panther Pop Art Picture

Premium Canvas (Matte)

Zazzle’s matte canvas is made from an acid-free cotton-poly blend and features a special ink-receptive coating that protects the printed surface from cracking when stretched. Made with a tight weave ideal for any photography or fine art, our instant-dry matte canvas produces prints that are fade-resistant for 100+ years.

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Home Garden Decor Tips

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Home Garden Decor TipsWhen you are planning a front garden decor scheme, it pays to get an outside view or perspective. Walk up and down your street a few times, and check out how the space looks from each and every angle. Viewing your space how others see it from the street will help you in your efforts to achieve a balanced design that completes the look of your home and also compliments the surrounding neighbourhood.In enhancing the street appeal of your home, you are creating a beautiful setting for you and your neighbours to enjoy — but you’ll also be adding value to your property and theirs. A front garden makeover is essential for that all important first impression and helps to achieve the optimal asking price.

Below are some tips to help you enhance the design of your front garden space

1. The design of a front yard should be in harmony with the design and style of your home. This can be achieved in many ways, from co-ordinating colours and textures from the front façade to using plants and decorative features that compliment the architecture and period of your home.

2. You are going to want and need garden paths that give you functionality and easy passage which means no overgrowing or overhanging foliage, sharp turns or difficult steps. You need paths that are well illuminated and wide enough to negotiate comfortably, for the safety of your family and your visitors.This will i turn add to the aesthetic of your space.

3. Your front door is the main entry access for visitors, so it needs to be well illuminated and welcoming with an inviting ambience . By using features such as matching pairs of potted topiaries or a little entry bridge over a koi filled pond you can come up with your own feature that gives your entry a unique charm.

4. Practical matters also need to be considered. Since most front gardens in view at all times, easy maintenance should be a part of your initial plan. Consider evergreen trees instead of deciduous, and also minimise the amount of lawn. An untidy, overgrown front garden will soon become a visual detraction for your home and neighbourhood.

5. Privacy is another important consideration and can be achieved in a range of ways, from tall hedges to high walls of rendered and painted brick or other materials. Walls are a popular choice in built-up urban areas because they give security and also can add an added private space for outdoor entertaining.

6. To simply define your perimeter, you can choose a simple garden bed or mini-hedge. There are many fencing solutions available commercially that will delineate your property boundaries, without closing you in. Decorative wrought-iron and picket fencing are just two examples.

7. You can create focal points or areas of extra interest, drawing the eye into your feature area (or in some cases one may wish to take attention away from a more unattractive area). Keep clutter to an absolute minimum. A water feature or a pair of matching sculptures or a pairs of pots are a few suggestions as a feature.

8. Choose pavers or paving textures that complement the exterior design or style of your house (and match any garden paths you have or are planning). Consider getting professional advice when choosing pavers or other surfaces as individual landscape conditions can influence the mid to long term result.

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Home Bar Decorating Ideas

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Digital Art: Bar Scene

Having a home bar might be a lot of fun. It is a wonderful place to spend time with your family or having friends over to the cold and bask in a few cocktails. To make the most of your bar, you have the time to embellish it in a way that truly reflects your personality while at the same time making it in a relaxed environment. Check out these ideas for decorating ideas for bar bar way to decorate your home bar.

Think of bars, restaurants and clubs you’ve been to see which of them stand out in your consciousness. When you’ve determined the style you love decorating your bar will be a ton easier.
One of the most vital parts of a bar of the house is the seat. Lounge chairs covered in zebra print pleasure or brightly colored fabric can provide an eclectic feeling in your room.

For a sports bar, a large comfortable sofa with masses of the room is a nice option to give a few extra seats. When you choose your seats for your home bar trying to find pieces that are relatively easy to get up. There’s nothing worse than drinking a glass or two and find that you have sunk down into a sofa upholstered as it is difficult to escape!

The artwork that you chose for the walls will also depend heavily on the atmosphere you are trying to create. Vintage posters or framed prints framed in Nice can be a class, so timeless to decorate the walls.

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