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Decorating Ideas: Movie Posters for Home Decoration

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Decorating Ideas: Movie Posters for Home Decoration

Home decor gets a dash of drama with movie posters. The trick is in picking the right one for the right space and customizing it for the interiors.

The fancy for movie posters as a statement of style in home decor is a relatively recent trend. In the home interiors segment, in which art continues to top customer wish-lists, movie posters are still considered niche territory. But there’s probably nothing more gratifying for the incorrigible movie fan — there’s a bit of him in all of us, anyway — than having the walls around mounted with posters of favourite films.

Wall Decoration and Movie Themes

Arriving at a theme for the rooms — from romance, mystery and such — can be a start to wall decoration. Posters of films that coincide with real-life phases can add that personal bit to the decor. You can also mix the movie posters up as a sequence — James Bond from different ages, for instance — or fix them together in a collage. All, needless to say, in tune with the basics of wall decoration and colour schemes of the room.

Decorating Ideas: Movie Posters for Home Decoration

Classic Movie Posters

Posters of classic movies are eternal favourites, a testimony reflected in the rise in the number of online groups selling them. Casablanca, Gone With The Wind and Alfred Hitchcock thrillers continue to be good draws in the classic movie posters segment but you are doing up your place and it’s your pick that counts.

So the gangster genre fan in you can go for the classic split-on Scarface poster and the rom-com lovers have the now-legendary Pretty Woman poster. Again, the range is all out there and it’s for you to make the choice. Though the idea works on personalization, classic movie posters look better in the living room and it helps to innovate while picking and arranging the line-up of posters.

Presenting Movie Posters For Interiors

Vintage posters come with the advantage of never having to look “old” but it doesn’t work with all movie posters. That’s reason enough to focus more on ways to present them to accentuate the home’s interiors. The old, trusted wooden frames bring a certain elegance to the posters as you mount them on the walls. But it’s again important to customize; The Matrix wouldn’t look good in one, would it?

Wall decoration of the personal home theatre with movie posters can, in an understated way, enrich your movie-watching experience. The fancied back-lit poster box is still the best option in mounting movie posters, especially in home theatres. For the regular mounts, there are many available sizes — 24×36 and 20×20 among popular dimensions — to be picked according to the clarity of the image and the available wall space.

Identifying the right poster for the right space is critical. Quirks apart, it always makes sense to avoid The Fist Of Fury in the study and, the horror of horrors, Psycho in the bath.

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