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Decoration Ideas for Kitchen

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Decoration Ideas for Kitchen

Doing a total remodeling of your kitchen can be quite expensive. If have a limited budget, making just a few changes in your kitchen can make an amazing difference. Although the kitchen is primarily a working area little touches can make a big difference.

Here are a few low-budget decorating ideas that can make a positive change in your kitchen décor.

Wallpaper Ideas

New wallpaper can really change the look of a kitchen. There are many wallpaper choices of every kind on the market. Also with the self-adhesive wallpapers you can count on easy installation. Vinyl wallpaper is a material that is better suited for kitchen. It makes for an easy-cleaning, durable surface treatment for your walls. It comes in a vast array of colors and patterns and gives the effect of traditional wallpaper.

You should select your wallpaper first and then decide on the style of kitchen décor around the wallpaper you have selected. Keep in mind however, that wallpaper can be more expensive than paint, especially when replacing You might want to just put up wallpaper borders if you are satisfied with your existing wallpaper. Wallpaper borders are a great and inexpensive way to dress up your kitchen walls. Wallpaper borders can be put at the top of a wall where the wall meets the ceiling, on a back splash, or at mid height on the wall.

Painting Ideas

A good inexpensive kitchen wall decorating idea is faux painting. Faux painting techniques include: color washing, sponging, stippling, and ragging. Faux painting can add texture variation and a more interesting look to normally plain walls. Faux painting requires some skill but you can find books on how to do it, and you can usually get free lessons down at your local paint store. You might want to practice on large pieces of cardboard first before you attempt to paint the walls.

Tiles Using colorful tiles to create a backsplash in your kitchen is an easy way to add a new, professionally designed look to your kitchen decor. Tiles can help you to be more creative and experiment with different tones. This is an inexpensive and simple to be able to liven up the kitchen space. Tiles are available in many shapes and sizes.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing can be the most economical way to remodel your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing is the process of covering over existing kitchen cabinets with new wood veneer. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing allows you to breath new life into old, worn out looking cabinetry thereby turning the kitchen into a room that can add immense value to your home.

Updating your kitchen can be easy without all of the problems associated with a major remodeling job. In just a few days you can have a kitchen to be proud of.

Cabinet hardware and accessories are inexpensive. Providing a new set of cabinet handles and hinges can make your cabinets look new again. You could also remove solid cabinet doors and replace them with glass doors to help open up your kitchen.

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Tuscany Dreams by Barbara Felisky

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Tuscany Dreams by Barbara Felisky

Barbara Felisky

Rosbe Felisky Barbara is known for rich impressionist paintings of gardens and landscapes. The afternoon sun warming a wall in Provence, an embankment of towering rhododendrons spilling into the moat of a ruined castle, or a glorious profusion of roses climbing over the garden gate brick, all give a feeling of tranquility and respect in an all-too-often hectic world.

Travel is an important facet of life’s Felisky. His frequent travels a source of inspiration and material for his images of Provence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Italy Lake District, the vineyards of California, and, of course, English gardens. Each year, she seeks a new area to explore and photograph, back to the studio refreshed and revitalized.

However, in England, with the pull of its landscapes and gardens, still holds a special fascination. rich and colorful palette Felisky understand the nuances of exciting flowers and shrubs, while the stone walls, bridges, garden ponds, roads and draw the viewer deep into the calm tranquil English countryside. As a change of pace, she often paints flowers and paintings of still lifes in the family home and folk furniture and objects.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Felisky currently resides in Southern California, painting a day in his studio. She received a BA in Art and Education from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. To continue to develop their skills, Felisky studied oil painting with a number of artists from California and the development under Fredrick Odell. Using the knowledge she has acquired during his studies while working as an artist and professional Felisky taught drawing and oil painting of school age and adult students. His time is now spent on traveling and create new images to satisfy his series on new and old.

Felisky, whose biography appears in Who’s Who in American Art, has also been featured in American Artist magazine on a number of occasions. Her own article “Search Levitan” published in July 1988 of the magazine. His work has been shown in a number of major juried exhibitions and featured in numerous exhibitions in galleries.

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