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Propaganda Art: Vladimir Lenin Addressing a Moscow Crowd

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Vladimir Lenin Addressing a Moscow Crowd Giclee Print

From earliest times the migrations of Huns and Tartars, the civilizations of ancient Greece, Byzantium and Islam, have left their mark on the eight million square miles of USSR. But in only a little more than 50 years Russia has risen from a feudal economy to the world’s second most powerful industrial state. The diversity of her peoples, climate and lansdscape was reflected in painting, music, dance and architecture, literature and drama. Moscow was a microcosm of the Soviet Union for there you can see Tartars, Ukrainians, Uzbeks and Georgians working and studying together. Inside the Kremlin was the Supreme Soviet which unites the union. In 15 seperate republics you would not expect to find the same traditions or attitudes of life; Asiatic Russia still retains its oriental family traditions; in the Caucasus there were men and women who live to prodigious ages; the Ukrainians were descended from the Cossack horsemen and the Mongolians from Genghis Khan.

Tourism in the USSR was organized; even the seven-day journey to Siberia on the Trans-Siberian express is comfortable and efficient. The network of low-price transportation had opened the USSR to tourists. Everywhere you would meet citiens who were understandably in you.

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